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KFU'S 1st Annual Kick-a-thon Fundraiser

On Saturday, July 22nd, Kung Fu University will be hosting it's 1st Kick-a-thon fundraiser. The proceeds will fund school shirts, uniforms, kicking bags, equipment and more!

Students will collect donations or pledges from sponsors, whether it be family, friends or businesses. Each student will have one minute to do as many snap kicks as they can. We will be offering a Grand Prize to the student who raises the most money and to the student who does the most kicks. There will be small prizes for 1st and 2nd runner up as well.

All students who raise $200 or more will receive free admission and skate rental to Colerain’s Skating Place for a celebratory KFU Skate Party! The date is TBD. All participants, friends and family are welcome.

We are currently looking for sponsors for this event. We are asking for a minimum donation per sponsor of at least $250.00. In return for your kind generosity we will have your business/family name displayed on custom t-shirts made for the Kick-A-Thon event. Higher amounts are accompanied by more incentives.

Your business/family name will be printed on a new banner that will be showcased at our martial arts school in the lobby where people will be able to view it daily. Shall sponsors decide to attend the Kick-A-Thon (or send a representative) on the day of the event, all sponsors will be acknowledged and you will have time to network with our current students and supporters.

We encourage all sponsors to attend so our students, friends and families can meet those that offered support to our school. This is also a great chance for you to gain new customers and mingle with members of the community. You will also help our students obtain new equipment and necessities to make our school the best training facility around!

If you'd like to sponsor a child, or even become a sponsor for our event, please visit our SUPPORT page or contact Tiffany Harper at 513-818-5432 or

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