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Come & Fly with Us!

Tai Chi


18 & Up

Swoop Right In

Our adult program emphasizes the practice of traditional Kung Fu in a fun, friendly, judgement free zone.  Some people love to workout, stay fit, stay active but hate the gym; so why not join an establishment that offers:

  • cardio

  • toning

  • fat burning workouts


If you're ready to take charge of your health and well being, and surround yourself with like-minded individuals that will support and motivate you to do better, click the button below.

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Tiny, Little, & Jr Owls

Children's & Teen Classes

Ages 3 & Up

Often times, a child will quit an extra curricular activity due to 1 of the following reasons:

  • Too hard and they become discouraged

  • May lack challenge and get bored

  • Not receiving enough encouragement from the instructor, teammates or parents​

We offer plenty of encouragement and feedback because children tend to do better when they have positive reinforcement. Each student will have 100% participation every class.  There are no sidelines for them to be left on, patiently waiting for a turn that may never come.


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