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Our Children's Kung Fu Program

Tiny Owls, Little Owls, Jr Owls

Do you feel like your children are anti-social? At dinner or family functions do they spend their time with their head down staring at a cell phone or tablet instead of interacting with people around them? Are they sitting at home in front of the computer or tv playing video games all day when they could be outside playing with friends?

In a world highly driven by technology and social media, children are losing the ability to personally interact with others. Would you like for your children to be active and hit the off switch for lazy mode? How about making good friends they can keep and even travel the country and the world with?

Our Kung Fu Program is the difference between what a child can actually do vs what they think they can do.  You’ll see them grow more and more confident, and confront new challenges both inside and outside of our school with a sense of drive and purpose. This includes academically as well because everyone, no matter who you are, performs better when they feel good and have confidence in themselves.

Furthermore, one of the most important things your child will get from us is a tremendously positive sense of self.  They’ll be able to objectively recognize things they need to improve (homework, family interaction, physical effort) without feeling hopeless, and they will take pride in the things they get right without discounting or minimizing their achievements. This will be invaluable for them as adults.

Every parent wants their children to be healthy, but they have to enjoy their exercise and the healthy foods they’re eating otherwise they won’t care. As parents ourselves, we know how hard it can be to cook a healthy meal every evening when you have so many things to do after work: walk the dog, drop Kid A off at baseball practice and then drive across town to pick up Kid B from a friend’s house.  The easiest thing to do when you find yourself on the run is what’s convenient and we get it. Trust me.

While we can only offer healthy drinks and snacks, we can definitely ensure that they enjoy their exercising to the point where they will want to come back; not because they know they’re exercising but because they are having fun. They will love doing push ups, running up and down the floor, doing crunches etc. on top of their Kung Fu curriculum (sounds crazy, but it’s true!). Your children will take pride in their improved flexibility and stamina, and leave class everyday smiling.

The Tiny Owls, Little Owls and Jr Owls Program is a “group activity” with an individual focus.  Each child will interact with others, work with partners and listen to their instructor as a student of our school and everyone gets to participate; no one will ever “ride the bench”. They will be held to their own standard instead of being compared to someone else’s. This is why we use the art to focus on the child, instead of using the child to focus on the art. We know each child is unique so our programs offer a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on their natural strengths to bolster their self esteem, give them confidence, and make sure they enjoy being a student here at Kung Fu University.

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