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Youth Empowerment Workshops

Coming 2018


When children can be involved in something they are passionate about and their skill level builds, so will their confidence. Physically activity, such as exercise can help your child grow stronger physically, which in turn increases their mental strength, too.



A child's voice will be one of their biggest tools in life so it's imperative that they learn how to use it. All ages need to know that it's ok to set verbal boundaries and speak out against wrongdoing for themselves and others. Utilizing their voice allows the child to take control of the situation.

Self Defense

Be prepared to defend yourself. Remaining friendly, staying calm and walking away may not always work in trying to de-escalate or avoid a bullying situation.  This workshop will provide each child with the skills needed on how to assess and react when bullying turns physical.

kid kf kick.jpg

As a Champion of Pacer, Kung Fu University's mission is to engage the community in a unified effort to educate, inform, and help eradicate bullying. We want to help children of all ages overcome the negative impact of bullying. Students will learn:

  • Awareness – How to identify predator behavior Avoidance – Realistic ways to avoid being a target of bullying.

  • Assertiveness – How to stop bullying behavior

  • Assurance - Self-defense using Kung Fu

For more information about bullying and bully prevention, please click here to visit Pacer's Bullying website.

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