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Our School

Here at Kung Fu University 功夫大學, we offer our students an eclectic learning environment, filled with a variety of support and services. Shi Fu Arlanzo Harper and Shi Fu Tiffany Harper have 40 years of experience collectively. We have the ability to give our students the tools needed to grow and succeed.


To connect with the community by promoting physical and mental wellness through the practice of Kung Fu in a positive environment built on camaraderie, hard work, leadership, and teamwork.

If we could help you build self-confidence, get fit, reduce your stress level, and learn self-defense - wouldn't you want to know more about what Kung Fu University 功夫大學 has to offer you?

Just think about the positive effects you can experience in everyday life by attaining the following:

  • Stress Management

  • Increased focus & mental clarity

  • Higher energy level

  • Interaction with friendly & highly motivated people

  • Reduction or elimination of negative habits & thought processes

  • Improved flexibility, balance & coordination

  • Combat skills & self defense

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